Real Estate Law in Miami

With a Population in excess of 2.5 million in Miami Dade County, Miami has become a major center for finance, commerce, international trade and real estate. Whether purchasing aprimary residence or an investment property, the number one rule is to consult an attorney before you sign anything. Most of the problems we encounter are when that rule is ignored. Areal estate contract defines your rights and once you sign that contract you are bound by those terms.

Mr. Compo is a Florida licensed real estate agent as well a real estate litigation attorney, licensed in New Jersey and Florida with over 20 years’ experience in the field of real estate. He will make sure you are protected in every aspect of the contract. He works closely with only the best closing agents so that you will have a pleasant experience buying or selling a property.

If you have already signed a contract, purchased or sold a property and issues have arisen, we can help. Even though you signed that contract and title has been transferred there are remedies available to buyers or sellers alike. Call us now! 1-888-88LAWFIRM.